43″/49″/55″   Android or windows


1. An integrated labeling backlight was applied to the whole machine.
2. The black edge of tempered glass screen printing is 19mm.
3. Ultra-thin body, the thinnest part is only 18mm.
4. Sandblasting and oxidation highlighting process for external frame profiles.
5. Toughened glass with high transparency display.

Tempered glass panel

HD tempered glass, hard, explosion proof, high transparency

Scratch prevention

Protect the screen from being scratched and scratched

Heat resistant and cold resistant

It is 2~3 times of ordinary glass and can withstand temperature changes above 150C

Anti shock

The impact strength is 5~10 times that of ordinary glass, which improves the safety effect.

Split screen demo
Intelligent one button split screen for simultaneous playback of multiple programs

The machine is equipped with split screen software and built in multiple basic split screen templates. Video, Picture and text are played simultaneously.

U disk playback

Simple and fast, plug and play

  1. Copy the content you want to play to the U disk first.
  2. Insert the USD flash drive into the Usd port of the machine and wait for the machine to copy the contents of the USD flash drive to the built in storage.
  3. Unplug the U disk machine to automatically play content

Remote release

online advertising machine manages  release anytime, anywhere.

The online version can remotely control / publish / manage advertising machines through a computer, and the factory provides a self-developed coral island distribution system.

Optionsal Android / Windows System

User can choose according to their own habits and required configuration.

Windows System
The new upgraded Windows touch operating system covers all the functions of the computer, and the mode of information release, interactive query, electronic filp book, etc.

  • Watch varity shows
  • Surf the internet
  • Play games

Android System
Android 5.0 original ecosystem, support HD video, Picture playback, smooth interactive query

  • Built in wireless wifi
  • Support for custom apps
  • Work, entertainment