HD smart touch one machine

New LG original LED screen

  • High definition display, perfect picture quality, strong texture
  • Ultra thin high transmission tempered glass protective layer
  • Easy to Operate
  • Support for multi touch

Full view ultimate deductive

True full brightness range No splash screen, alleviate the eye fatigue of long term use of the computer, filter technology to reduce the damage of short wave blue light to your eye under the premise of ensuring image quality.

Support for multi touch

Support multi touch, sensitive response between finger touch, make everything more real and fast

Touch screen display

Touch screen single touch life 50 million times touch resolution 4096X4096


Resolution 1920X1080


Ergonomic design, cold rolled electrolytic steel Luxury imported metal car paint.

Optical multi touch

Intuitive touch mode
Online version 1080P ultra high definition horizontal advertising machine Android and Windows system. Greatly improved the work efficiency of the majority of staff.

HD Pixel

HD to the extend that the naked eye can recognize
we are always pursuing high quality pixel images in the pursuit of high quality product quality in the industry.

Intelligent networking, remote operation

Optional built in wireless module configure 820, 11nwifi wireless, respectively support Android.Windows system.

Web surfing, Application

Install a variety of client software, QQ music, Mito Xiuxiu, iQiyi, Tencent Weibo and other clients.