Outdoor double sided Kiosk with Free WiFi access

Weather Proofing

Designed for outdoor purpose, all weather proofing!

Free Wi-Fi Access

Nothing could get more attractive then the free wifi access in this generation!

Anti-glare Tempered Glass

Strong anti-glare tempered glass will ensure passenager would not see the reflected light anytime from any angle.

Double Sided Display

Passerby can’t miss the ad content no matter which way they come.

Sunlight Readable High Brightness Screen

Screen would get up to 2,000nits as 5 times more than normal display, makes the screen is readable even under the strong sunlight.

Light Sensor

Be based on consideration of energy saving and visual pollution in the evening, there is a light sensor been build on the top of the kiosk, it could change the screen brightness via sunlight into three different levels automaticlly.